Why won't OPD release video showing them kill another black man?

How long can Orlando police delay releasing body cam video showing the fatal shooting of a black man earlier this year?Orlando police shot and killed 22-year-old Kevin Adolphe Feb. 18th at an apartment complex on Kirkman Road.
Seven months later Mr. Adolphe’s family and the lawyers representing them are still waiting to see body cam video and other investigative files involved in the case. The officers who opened fire were identified by OPD as Ben Chisari and Jeffrey Madison. ranks Metro Orlando as having one of the worst records for police brutality.At the time of the shooting, Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon said Mr. Adolphe was driving a stolen car that cops tried to stop. He said Mr. Adolphe sped away from officers to the Summerfield apartment complex where he jumped out and fled on foot. During that foot chase at least 2 cops fired mortally wounding Mr. Adolphe.Orlando Police Chief Rolon said Mr. Adolphe threatened the cops with a pistol. The chief als…

Orange County Sheriff insists deputy didn't call anyone a "nigger"

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office really must think black people are stupid.Thursday night the Sheriff’s Office published a statement telling the public that their ears were playing tricks and they did not really hear a racist comment uttered by a plainclothes deputy involved in shooting Salaythis Melvin in the back outside Florida Mall on Aug. 7.
The racist comment was heard while deputies were administering first aid to Mr. Melvin, 22, who was mortally wounded by a jump-out team that was serving an arrest warrant on one of Mr. Melvin’s companions.Mr. Melvin was black. Based on what can be seen on the body cam videos, all the deputies on the jump-out team were white males.Hundreds of people who listened to audio on a body cam video released earlier this week agreed one of the deputies uttered: “You’re a bold nigger.”In the written statement released Thursday night through Twitter, the sheriff’s office said after extensive audio analysis, they concluded that the deputy said: “Is there…

Racist deputies who shot the fleeing man at Florida Mall broke many agency rules

The Orange County deputies who shot a fleeing man in his back killing him can be fired because they violated several agency policies involving racist and abusive language and use-of-force tactics that needlessly endangered the public.

The sheriff’s office said it’s still investigating the incident, but recently released body cam video shows the deputies were racist, cruel and reckless. Click here to see that unedited video.During the incident Aug. 7 at Florida Mall, which resulted in the death of Salaythis Melvin, 22, a recently released body cam video revealed that one of the deputies referred to the black victim as a “bold nigger.”Based on what can be seen on the video all the deputies were white. No one warned the cop who made the racist comment.Immediately after Mr. Melvin was shot by plainclothes deputies in the shopping mall parking lot, one of the deputies is seen on camera shouting: “Keep your fucking hands out!”“Get your hand out! You’re going to get fucking shot!” Mr. Melvin …

OCSO deputy calls a dying man "a bold nigger"

Newly released bodycam videos reveal that moments after being fatally shot by an Orange County deputy one of the cops refers to the dying man as a “bold nigger.”The deputy who uttered the racist expression was part of a team that was serving a warrant on a man that was part of a group leaving the Florida Mall on Aug. 7.

The man who was fatally shot was not the target of the warrant.Apparently frightened by the jump-out team of deputies Salaythis Melvin, 22, fled when a deputy opened fire and shot him in the back.Following Sheriff’s Office protocols, the plainclothes deputies at the scene started administering first aid to Mr. Melvin, who was moaning and unconscious. That’s when one of the deputies uttered: “You’re a bold nigger man.” Click here to see and hear the racist clip.Mr. Melvin later died at the hospital.Mr. Melvin wasn’t wanted for anything, though deputies later claimed that he was armed. No firearm was evident when deputies rolled him over to offer first aid. One of the dep…

Ocoee's racist mayor is up to his old tricks

The racist mayor of Ocoee is up to his old tricks – insulting black people and trying to ruin the 100th anniversary memorial of the most infamous racial atrocity in Orange County history.

During the last Ocoee City Commission meeting (July 21) Mayor Rusty Johnson insulted State Sen. Randolph Bracy and called him a liar. Bracy is black and his senate district includes the west Orange County city of Ocoee. (To see that exchange, click here.)
More fireworks on this topic are expected at the next City Commission meeting this coming Tuesday (Aug. 4th), starting at 6 p.m.
Bracy attended the July 21 meeting to discuss plans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Ocoee Massacre when racist whites attacked black residents and killed them or drove them out of town. Whites were jealous that some black residents were becoming prosperous.
During the 1920 rampage several hundred black Ocoee residents were murdered; their homes were burned, property was stolen, black survivors were chased out of th…

Meet Orlando's worst cops

Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala just released a list of local bad cops who can’t be trusted.

Commonly called a Brady List, these officers have been identified as untrustworthy by prosecutors because of internal investigations and other matters. These lists must be provided to defendants and their attorneys.
You should check this list in case you’ve had negative encounters with these cops because it may give you grounds to get charges dropped or clear your name.
The List:
Orlando Police Department ·Samuel B. Cunningham – Terminated ·Laurin Gantt – Terminated ·Roderick D. Johnson -Retired ·Andrew S. Peczinka – Terminated ·Frederick Rolle, Jr. – Terminated ·Frank Sikos – Retired ·Jonathan Mills – Not actively patrolling. Medical Retirement Request ·Gabriel Pagan – Not actively patrolling. Relieved of Duty
In a statement, OPD wrote that the following officers “completed lengthy discipline processes.Some of these officers did go through the arbitration process to refute the discipline impose…

Children will march this Saturday (7/18) to show Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement is calling all children and teens for a special rally at Orlando City Hall this coming Saturday, July 18th.
“You know how that song goes ‘the children are our future’. They really are,” said Lawanna Gelzer, a leader of The Movement Coalition, which is organizing the event.

“Just last week,” Gelzer said, “I participated in a march organized by Cypress Creek High School students and I was so impressed to hear them express their concerns for justice and fairness for all people – especially black lives. They are a lot better informed than what adults give them credit for. These young people don’t like what they see and they’re demanding change. We’re giving them a platform to speak and be heard.”
Orlando’s Children’s March for Justice on Saturday was inspired by the Birmingham Children’s Crusade in 1963 when black students left their schools and flooded the streets where many were attacked by police and jailed. Their efforts publicly shamed local leaders and r…