Setting record straight on man found hanging in the park

News that a black man was found hanging from a tree in Orlando is alarming to most black people in America given this nation’s ugly history of racist lynchings, which is why we reported this story.A report like that can grow and become more frightening as time passes, which is what happened in the case of Nevan Baker, 22.
On Oct. 5th32805OrlNews and Orlando Urban News published a video interview with one of Mr. Baker’s relatives who spoke to us with the blessing of Mr. Baker’s mother.The relative insisted there was no way Mr. Baker would kill himself. That relative also told us that when Mr. Baker’s body was found there were signs that he had been beaten, there were injuries to his face and a tooth was missing.The grief-stricken family disputed the police conclusion that Mr. Baker killed himself. Black people have good reasons not to trust the police because of false and misleading information law enforcement have presented in other instances. We also questioned the investigative proce…

How OPD pulled a fast one on mom whose son was found hung in park

The Orlando Police Department blindsided the mother of the man who was found hanging in Barker Park last week.Sharonda James thought she was going to a private meeting on Monday (10/12) with Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon to learn how police reached the conclusion that her son -- Nevan Baker -- committed suicide.
Instead she was ushered into a police headquarters auditorium with almost 20 other people -- including elected officials, black preachers, and others.Local activist Miles Mulrain Jr., who accompanied the mother to the meeting, discussed the situation Tuesday morning (10/13) during a news conference organized by activists to discuss the troubling case.Mulrain said the mother asked him to come to the meeting with her. Initially police officials tried to prevent Mulrain from entering. Eventually they relented and he was allowed in. (See video of Mulrain describing what happened.)Mulrain said the mother and her family didn’t know the people police invited to attend the meeting…

Cops sure jumped to "suicide" conclusion for Nevan Baker

Orlando police insist they conducted a thorough investigation into the death of Nevan Baker, 22, who was found hanging from a tree in Orlando’s Barker Park, not far from Camping World Stadium.Mr. Baker was found before 4 a.m. on Monday (Oct 5th). By the end of that day, police and medical examiner declared the death a “suicide”.

The “Practical Homicide Investigation” textbook is the bible for police death investigations. It states: “All death inquiries should be conducted as homicide investigations until the facts prove differently. The resolution of the mode of death as Suicide is based on a series of factors which eliminate Homicide, Accident and Natural Causes of death.”Attempting to bolster their claim that Mr. Baker’s death was a suicide, on Friday (10/9) Orlando police sent the news media a one-page document from the medical examiner’s office (accompanying this article) stating Mr. Baker’s death was a suicide.
The document is useless because it includes no scientific or physical d…

Orlando's Martin plant may be poisoning Tangelo Park

Environmental racism is endangering the health and safety of people who live and work in Orlando’s predominantly black Tangelo Park community.Lawyers representing people who live and work in Tangelo Park accused the Lockheed Martin company of poisoning the soil and groundwater in Tangelo Park. Lockheed Martin’s main Orlando plant on Sand Lake Road is adjacent to Tangelo Park. Lockheed Martin, formerly known as Martin Marietta, has been manufacturing aircraft, aerospace and defense products at that sprawling Sand Lake Road plant for decades. Lockheed Martin is one of Orlando’s major employers.Powerhouse Orlando law firm Morgan & Morgan accused Lockheed of mishandling dangerous toxic chemicals used it its products and those substances have caused a range of severe sicknesses in people living and working in the area.It’s noteworthy that some people working at NBC’s Golf Channel broadcast network, based in Tangelo Park, have also complained about illnesses that are believed linked to c…

Black TV network opening in Orlando

A global African television studio is weeks away from opening in Orlando.Afrotainmentis putting the finishing touches on its multi-million-dollar studios and production facility in the heart of Orlando’s tourist district next to the Titanic attraction in the 7300 block of International Drive, near Carrier Drive.

Led by Yves Bollanga, a former IBM software engineer and Cameroon native, the network produces and broadcasts films, talk shows and comedies. Mr. Bollanga anticipates the studio will be open for business by the end of this month.The production complex includes huge studios with stadium seating to accommodate live audiences. It contains the latest technology, including robotic cameras, editing bays for production teams, control rooms and meeting space. The studio is staffed with experienced professional teams.The Afrotainment TV content can be found on Dish Network, DirectTV, Verizon FiOS, Haiti HD, Xfinity, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. However, it is difficult to receive …

Why won't OPD release video showing them kill another black man?

How long can Orlando police delay releasing body cam video showing the fatal shooting of a black man earlier this year?Orlando police shot and killed 22-year-old Kevin Adolphe Feb. 18th at an apartment complex on Kirkman Road.
Seven months later Mr. Adolphe’s family and the lawyers representing them are still waiting to see body cam video and other investigative files involved in the case. The officers who opened fire were identified by OPD as Ben Chisari and Jeffrey Madison. ranks Metro Orlando as having one of the worst records for police brutality.At the time of the shooting, Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon said Mr. Adolphe was driving a stolen car that cops tried to stop. He said Mr. Adolphe sped away from officers to the Summerfield apartment complex where he jumped out and fled on foot. During that foot chase at least 2 cops fired mortally wounding Mr. Adolphe.Orlando Police Chief Rolon said Mr. Adolphe threatened the cops with a pistol. The chief als…

Orange County Sheriff insists deputy didn't call anyone a "nigger"

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office really must think black people are stupid.Thursday night the Sheriff’s Office published a statement telling the public that their ears were playing tricks and they did not really hear a racist comment uttered by a plainclothes deputy involved in shooting Salaythis Melvin in the back outside Florida Mall on Aug. 7.
The racist comment was heard while deputies were administering first aid to Mr. Melvin, 22, who was mortally wounded by a jump-out team that was serving an arrest warrant on one of Mr. Melvin’s companions.Mr. Melvin was black. Based on what can be seen on the body cam videos, all the deputies on the jump-out team were white males.Hundreds of people who listened to audio on a body cam video released earlier this week agreed one of the deputies uttered: “You’re a bold nigger.”In the written statement released Thursday night through Twitter, the sheriff’s office said after extensive audio analysis, they concluded that the deputy said: “Is there…